Wireless Remote Ceiling Lights


This mini AC22OV Receiver board is an excellent product. Its size is mini. Seldom AC Receiver board can be such small. Although it is small, however its performance is perfect than bigger common capacitors Receiver board. It uses film cap is much safer than common capacitors. Film cap is unlike common capacitors, after the external power supply is disconnected the charge power will remain for a long time , if you touch it will get an electric shock, film cap will not has this kind problem. Although the film cap become invalid .it will not lead to electric shock, and will not endanger the personal safety.

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1. Working Voltage: AC2V (Input AC2V Output AC2V)

2.Max Current: 10A Relay have better load less than 3A (3.15A Fuse) AC2V 600W
3.Channel: 1CH
4.Working Frequency : 315MHZ/433.92MHZ Optional by leaving us massage
Receiver sensitivity: : -105Db
Working temperature : -10’C – +60’C
Output way : Momentary. Toggle .Latched Adjustable

Code type: Learning code Add Controller by the Learning Button on the receiver

Output State:
Momentary, Toggle, Latched adjusted freely by soldering with different dot .

A: Momentary———–No connection is Momentary.

B: Toggle————Connect “T& Mid Dot “is Toggle.

C: Latched————- Connect “L& Mid Dot” is Latched.

Momentary————Press the Transmitter button , the receiver relay is ON, release button; the receiver relay is OFF,

Toggle—————Press transmitter button for 1 time , the receiver relay is ON, press button again, the receiver relay is OFF,

Latched————Press transmitter button A, the receiver relay is ON, Press the transmitter button B, the relay is OFF.

Learning Method

Input AC2V for the Receiver .Keeping press the learning button, the LED indicator flash fast then press the transmitter button, until the LED indicator stop to flash fast ,it mean learning successfully.

Clearing Code

Keeping press the Learning Button on the receiver until the LED indicator flash fast until it flash slow for 2 times. it mean the code have been cleared successfully.

Here is 1 pcs price , 1 / 2 /3 Button is the same price ,

as Button Number needy ,please leave us massage under the order

86 Panel Wall Remote Transmitter 1/2/3 Button Optional

It is a panel 86 wall transmitter that can be stuck onto anywhere. It is a learning code transmitter EV1527 IC Chip. It can be learned into most of the learning code receiver, it can work with any kind learning code receiver in our store. So that the trouble brought by routing is avoided successfully.

Working Voltage: DC12V 27A Battery

Working Frequency: 315MHZ in stock (433 can be customized in large in bulk)

IC Chip: EV1527

Distance: 10-180m (Long Distance)

working Current:-25ma

Big Button wall Transmitter is your best choice for home or Public Places remote control system.

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Input AC220V Output AC220V



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